The mind and the breath are the king and queen of human consciousness. Leonard Orr


Concious connected breathing

So what is Rebirthing or Breathwork?……..”It’s a POWERFUL tool for personal TRANSFORMATION and HEALING”.

Rebirthing breathwork is a conscious connected breathing practice used to move energy held in the body. Emotional trauma and past experiences can be held energetically in our bodies. By consciously connecting our breathing, we are able to bring these experiences into our awareness and integrate them. Through integration we are able to move beyond limiting self beliefs, free ourselves from the past and improves the quality of our life.

Rebirthing is gentle, safe and yet very powerful. It allows an experience of freedom and mastery in one’s life. Its brings expanded awareness on all levels, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

My name is James and I’m a Breathwork practitioner. I first discovered the power of Breathwork in 2010 and it changed my life in so many ways.

I am registered with the British Rebirthing Society & Practitioner Member of the International Breath work Foundation

I facilitate breathwork sessions for anyone ready to undertake a journey of integration and self-discovery.

“In your tragedies you will find your most magnificent opportunities for rebirth.”
Bryant McGill

“I felt very well cared for before the session even began – a fire, blankets, comfort was all taken into consideration and I felt very supported immediately. There was a softness to the whole process which was perfect for how I felt at the time.”

“You took the time to explain things carefully, without assuming I knew all about breathwork which was nice and there was a simplicity to the early part of the session which again, created a feeling of ease. You regularly checked in with how comfortable I was and the questions were not delivered intrusively at all.”

I felt safe throughout the whole process which is very important to me. Plus you were clear about what was going to happen at each stage so the flow was maintained.”

I am a rebirther of some 30 years experience. I found James to be very able to lead the sessions, often asking probing and intuitive questions which enabled me to experience deeper levels of myself. At the same time respecting my boundaries, knowing when not to probe further.  During the breathing itself  I experienced James to be very present to me and my breathing, encouraging me to be fully present to the breath and myself. I felt his energetic containment in the sessions to be at good level, and would not hesitate to recommend him a rebirther to others.”

I have just completed 10 sessions of breathwork with James. I’ve actually been involved in breathwork for 8 years and have been on 3 advanced courses and been breathed by quite a few experienced breathworkers. I have to say that James is the best male breathworker I’ve experienced. I felt totally safe with him, he didn’t push me yet he stayed attentive to my own state and ensured that I didn’t ‘wander off’ too far. He was insightful and used his own body feelings to reflect on my experience which was very helpful. I would recommend James to anyone who would like a gentle introduction to breathwork or who needs the presence of a strong man who is in touch with his own feelings.

From a place of darkness I reached for an intuition that lead me to James and his power to help people become the masters of their own breath. From a young age I have struggled to breathe and often found myself forgetting about breathing. After these 10 sessions I have certainly become keenly and firmly aware of my breath. However, what has become more pleasantly joyful is the realisation that thanks to this breathing work my life is peaceful and light as it was always meant to be when the mind was not in control, and the breath now just flows smoothly and easily across, within and out of  me. Now I have the power over my own Self and breath-work has helped clear the way to such beautiful achievement. Breath-work has taken me back to my authentic Self, and I now feel safe about my journey in this mysterious, yet surprising, life. More importantly, I will never take one single breath for granted. Not only can a breath session with James lead to healing the forgotten pain of our past but can also lead to unexpectedly beautiful places of light and tranquillity where everything flows in sync with our Higher Self. A breathing journey that will question our perception of life and will never allow you to take one single breath for granted.

With Love and Light for all those who, like James, breathe and live!

I always say “You have to try Breathwork for yourself to know just how powerful it really is”
If you have any questions or would like to book a session, please contact me.


LOCATION// Henley-In-Arden & Leamington Spa

PHONE// 07459 733215

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